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31 January, 2022

MX rider and Wicked Hero Matt Van Galen spent a day at the track getting passed down some wisdom and perfecting his skills!

The Whip master himself hit the Zone7 track just outside Cape Town to get in some wicked practice but this time it wasn’t only his whips he was focusing on, which as you can see are pretty much already a work of art! but also some mega low and deadly effective fast corning! And he had a legend there to give him some tips, his dad, René van Galen – a super talented South African rider from the 70s-90s! Matt was rocking our Tie-Dye MX Gear set with Airflow-tech that kept him cool and comfortable so that he could really push his limits!

From what it looks like things really paid off getting that advice and family knowledge passed down, Matt ended up crushing his cornering and even taking his whips to new heights!

Knowledge is power, determination is key and family, well…FAMILY is WICKED!


Shot by the Wicked eye of Photographer Ruben Louw.

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