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26 June, 2022

We had some wicked fun at Cape Town’s best MX track, Zone 7, which will challenge you with its design and charm you with its character and all its friendly faces.

An epic view of Zone 7, one of the best tracks in South Africa.

We got to spend a few awesome days with the South African MX Fam at one of their favorite dirt bike tracks, Zone7, which you can find about 20min outside of Cape Town. Zone 7 is also an amazing recreational park for not only dirt bikes but also quads, dirt go-karts, and dirt oval enthusiasts. It has an awesome track layout and some very rad jumps and corners to challenge the skills.

A well-designed and diverse track to test your wicked riding skills.

We met up with some of Cape Town’s most talented riders and handed out some fresh Wicked gear. Everyone was really excited about the gear and was super stoked to get on the bike to show their skills. We really had a blast shooting them doing what they love best! Skill levels were very high with trick wheelies, mega whips, and some radical cornering all day long. The Wicked Fam gear really stood out and we were always able to track and shoot everyone easily.

Matt van Galen is one of the most talented riders we know and he makes everything look really easy on a bike. One little fun detail is that his last name “Galen” actually means crazy in Swedish 😀

Zone 7 has some real character, a classic dirt track with a bit of a rustic feel, where you can always find many passionate, fun, and friendly riders. Zone 7 is also the host of several different events every year. From the small local pit bike races every Wednesday with lots of hangarounds and fun times in the bar (which we will tell you more about later), to the South African nationals which attract all the best riders in South Africa.

The perfect drinking hole after a hard day of riding!

There is also a bar and restaurant with lots of character and vantage viewpoints over the track to keep an eye on all the Wicked action! The riders always have a lot of fun here after a day of riding, where they meet up with friends and other riders to share stories, laughs and lots of cheers.

Johan Spies, owner of Zone 7.

We would really like to thank the Cape Town MX Fam for showing us Zone 7 and thanks to the owner and legend Johan Spies (seen in the dirt cart above) and all the Zone 7 staff for being so welcoming and friendly! If you are ever in Cape Town, don’t miss out on a ride and experience at this track!

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