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WICKED Pit-bike racing!

6 October, 2022

During our trip to Cape Town earlier this year we got invited to come to have some fun at a Pit-Bike race with the Fam in South Africa. It was such a vibe racing these cool and crazy Mini-Machines…

But first here is a little Pit-Bike history lesson…

“The pit bike evolved from the use of custom-built motorized two-wheeled machines (also known as clown bikes) that began appearing during post-war 1940s and 50s pits of racing events. These hand-built machines were directly responsible for the creation of the Minibike Market.

While determining the catalyst for pit bike popularity cannot be solidified to a single factor, major influences likely include the X-Games on ESPN and promotional Direct-to-video Power Sport and stunt films in the 1990s. Series such as the Crusty Demons of Dirt have been credited by fans for inspiring people to race or attempt stunts using these undersized Motorcycles.

Thus began the popular trend of stunt riding and racing with these inexpensive, undersized off-road motorcycles.”

Now back to the event…

Matt Van Galen & Cameron Roach, ready for some Pit-Bike action!

We got to watch the Pit-Bike racing event at Zone 7 when we were visiting Cape Town earlier this year. A fantastic local event that lets riders show off their racing skills on these mini-machines. The Wicked riders opt to wear sneakers to ride instead of the larger, heavier, and more protective motocross boots and no other protective gear besides their flexible, lightweight Wicked jersey, super comfy Wicked pants, and of course a helmet and goggles. It just has that fun and fearless style about it, Matt Van Galen even raced without any front breaks!

The event started in the late afternoon and ran into the night with riders and friends from all over gathering to have a good time!

The all-in-one workshop!
Even though the event is taken quite seriously, it’s really about the fun and friendships on and off the track!
The guys watching the Pit-bikes whizz past!
Cameron getting in the zone before the event.

At the end of the evening and all the knockout heats, the win went to Wicked rider Cameron Roach! We definitely recommend giving Pit_Biking a go, it’s loads of fun, and inexpensive but still gives you that excitement of racing them on the track or trying stunts on them in your backyard.

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