WICKED HERO SERIES – Trevor Cartmill

1 March, 2022

Meet the one and only Trevor Cartmill, the Wicked Family FMX legend who really knows the vibe! Check out what it takes to be an FMX star & follow his adventures from show to show. Get tips and insight from him and his high-altitude life!

How old are you?

29 years old.

Where are you from?
Mount Serly, Kentucky, USA

How did you get into FMX?
I grew up racing and was always doing tricks in the middle of races, I love jumping! For a while, I didn’t have a bike during my late teenage years so I sold my daily drivers to buy a bike and then just bummed rides in the back of trucks and started jumping. I had a few buddies who had ramps and started jumping with them and learning some tricks and then some of the guys in the industry found me online and called me up to do a show and I have been doing shows ever since, that was back in 2016.

What bike do you ride?
Kawasaki KX 450, 2021 – “The steeziest of steads!

What’s your favorite thing about FMX?
The instant adrenaline, plus you got a huge crowd which adds to the adrenaline – it’s quick, fast adrenaline, kinda like drugs. “DON’T DO DRUGS”

What is your best FMX experience?
Was probably finally landing a backflip to dirt, I went out to Kenny Bartram’s and learned it landing in a foam pit and then came home and finally flipped my ramp to dirt. It was a really good experience, I had been thinking about that since I was 9 years old and always wanted to land backflips and had finally got that done!  Oh, and another great experience was that I got to do a show with Kenny Bartram, where I got to backflip in front of him, I was upside down looking at the back of his bike while he was backflipping behind me – that was pretty cool as I grew up watching him on every dirt bike movie when I was a kid.

What is your favourite trick?
The upright trick would be a “holy grab” (check the vid), any trick upside down is my favorite trick, …..over flips are really fun on days I can get them right, “clicker flips” are easy and also a fun trick. Anything upside down is fun!

How do you physically and mentally prepare?
Well, I wake up and walk around enough to get my balance and then I start riding. That’s about all I do. Wake up and start riding! 🙂

Any tips for those who want to get into FMX?
Ride a lot and don’t go above your comfort level, the comfortability will come to you.

What song do you have on repeat?
Blurry by Crown The Empire.

What phrase best describes you?
“You know tha vibe!”

What is your favorite jump?
I don’t have a favorite jump, anything on a ramp is my favorite jump!

What’s next from here?
Go home and sleep and then try for Nitro Circus!


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