Swedish MX Championship 2020

17 August, 2020

Finally time for the Swedish Championship 2020. This year we had to wait all the way until August before we got to see the gates drop for the first exciting race in the Swedish championships. It sure has been a strange year in many ways, but also in racing where riders don’t know how their off season training will pay off. So we are sure it was just as exciting for them to ride as it was for us to watch !

The highly anticipated race took place at Uddevalla where they usually host the MXGP. It was blistering hot like never before and the riders had a real challenge not to overheat in such high temperatures. We have several Wicked riders in MX1 and MX2 and it was thrilling to see the fighting competition on the track. Well done all of you💪.

MX1 riders: Anton Nordstrom, Viktor Björklund, Niklas Pettersson, Kevin Forsberg and Jonatan Fransson. MX2 riders: Tobias Ring and Emils Karlins. The highlight of the day was to see Anton Nordström ride. He almost made it to the podium but an unfortunate small error placed him in the forth position, however we sure have no doubt this Wicked youngster has a very bright future ahead of him !

If you like the gear the riders wear, please check it out here:

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