Living the FMX dream in Miami 🤙

20 January, 2019

A while ago we decided to go and meet up with one of our favorite local heroes, FMX rider Trevor Cartmill. Trevor usually lives in Kentucky. But before Christmas he spent 40 days doing FMX shows in Miami, together with another rider, Mike Ouellet, from Canada.

After a long day over the Atlantic we went to Miami Santa’s Amusement Park to look for the guys ramp and home away for over a month. In the middle of this huge park we found them, right next to the rollercoasters and hot dog stands. Surrounded by noise and blinking lights from the park attractions, two happy guys lived their dream. Even though it ment sleeping under the landing ramp. 3 times a day, every day of the week curious visitors lined up to see their heroes fly high in the sky. The wait between show could sometimes be long, but guitar playing, singing, practicing, working on their social media and lots of laughter made the days go by. Not to mention the late sleep in mornings in the bed under the ramp 😍

Trevor also turned out to be a real character in front of the camera. During the three days we spent together in the Miami sun, we didn’t only get to meet a person behind the name we been writing to. We were also able to shoot lots of cool pictures in Miami surroundings. It turned out to be 3 fun days of FMX shows, MX riding and BMX. In this story we will share some of them with you.

Trevor is for us just what we look for in a Wicked Family local hero. A guy or girl that dreams big, but havn’t reached the stars just yet. Someone that work hard but doesn’t forget to appreciate the good times along the ride. A character that has the lifestyle to inspire others to live and let live and likes to share his life on social media.

We asked Trevor some questions about his experience at the road trip in Miami:

What was the best about the Miami experience?
There were a lot of awesome things doing shows in Miami. I loved the weather because back home in Kentucky it was cold. It was a solid 80 degrees everyday. It was almost like a really long vacation, except we were getting paid. Our shows were at night. We had all day every day to just do whatever we wanted. I’m sure I spent a week just sleeping all day, haha. It was just overall awesome. A vacation from the rest of the world, riding every night and stacking money. 

What was the worse about the time in Miami?
One of the best parts was actually the worst part too. The riding every night. On nights when we were drained of all energy and didn’t feel like riding, we still had to ride because it’s our job. The repetitive extensions of the same tricks had my back feeling HORRIBLE. inconveniently, right when the wicked family was visiting is when my back was giving me the most problems. The day we planned to hit a local motocross track with the wicked family, I woke up that morning and could barely walk because of back pain. I had no idea how I could even get on my bike and ride but I toughed it out. The sick photography shots we got from that day made it worth it! 

What tips can you give to others that want to do what you are doing?
I think it’s important to know your comfortable skill level and gradually push it instead of just throwing the gnarliest tricks without knowing the science of it first and not knowing how to save yourself if you mess up. I may look reckless, but I’m actually extremely cautious when I ride. Every move I make, I’m already prepared for if something goes wrong. Staying safe and keeping your body healthy is key to staying relevant in show business. If you’re hurt and can’t ride, you’re not making money. 

What did you learn from this experience?
I definitely learned how much my body can actually take and how to stay loose for so many shows. Before Miami, I had just came off of a 3 month tour so I never really had any breaks from riding. Once I finally got home from Miami, I didn’t get out of my bed for a week. 

What is your best memory from the time in Miami ?
The whole month was the best memory. Living in Miami, doing whatever we want all day, riding all night and getting paid for it 🤟😊

Some of the gear you see in the pictures are not out for sale yet, but will be shortly.

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