2 May, 2022

Wicked Family is so very stoked with our sponsored riders this year and getting to know who is under the helmet, following their challenges, results, and all the other fun stuff on and off the track. So when it was time for some of our best 85 riders to head to Fjerritslev in Denmark to qualify to compete in the MX EURO 85cc we decided to go to cheer them on.

It turned out to be a perfect weekend in April, and the track was in great shape after a huge effort from the staff at Hanherred Mx Club, where they managed to build a full-scale international track in only a few days! The Wicked riders that qualified this day were Erik Frisagård, Elliott Wensund, Casper Lindmark, and Milo Brännström. They are all riders from southwest of Sweden and we have been following some of them in their development since they were very young.

Erik “Egge” Frisagård #454
Age: 14
Bike: KTM

Elliott Wensund #506
Age: 13
Bike: KTM
Casper Lindmark #505
Age: 13
Bike: KTM

The MX European Championships 85cc enrolls the most promising riders from all over Europe for a series of events during 2022. The competition is really gruelling and it was a bit more intimidating for these guys to line up at a 40 gate since we only allow 30 on 85cc in Sweden. But all the guys fought really hard and Erik and Casper made it into the finals where Elliott and Milo, unfortunately, didn’t make it all the way this day and there was definitely super hard competition.

Unfortunately, Elliott had a crash during the start where he got run over and couldn’t proceed. We wish him a speedy recovery and know we will see him on the track again soon 🙂 Erik and Casper had a great race and got some points to bring to the next run. We are incredibly impressed by these young guys. The determination, the work they put in, and the fact that they always do their best and always have their great families supporting them. Oh boy, it was such a fun time cheering them on!

At the time of this article, another race in the European Championshipsholeshot NW 85cc is down, in Lommel, Belgien this time. Casper had had really been working on his starts and got holeshots in all his races. We can just say WOW!!!!

We also want to thank for great shoots🙏

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