9 November, 2019

If you would ask any motocross rider to mention a few top of mind famous tracks around the world they would most likely bring up Glen Helen Raceway. This facility started its fame back in 1985, when it had several Sand Drag-, Off Road- and Motocross events. In 1991 Glen Helen Raceway hosted its first major event, the United States World Championship Motocross and again in 1992. With these two events added to the Glen Helen Raceway venue it was the beginning of a growing and nationally known track.

Today Glen Helen Raceway has added more race tracks and put thousands of dollars into its facility. There is a National MX track, Rem/Vintage track and a PeeWee track. Every year they host a number of big and small events. Last weekend it was time for the Dubya World Vet Nationals. This is a popular competition for riders around the world. The high point of the event is the 30+ PRO class. This year it was Mike Alessi who swept the class by going 1-1 with the 47-year-old Mike Brown coming in second to beat out the young old guns. But there is also a possibility to go and race in another group if you are not an ex pro rider. The days are filled with different skill- and age level races. This year it was over 700 participants over the weekend. You have to be 25 years old, but after that, there is no age limit.

Two of our Wicked Friends decided to go all the way from Sweden to race at this world known event. One of them was Tobias Ring who finished 12th in the World Vet 30 PRO+ class. Big congrats, this is an amazing accomplishment! His brother Michele Ring was racing in the 25+ intermediate class and ended up in a 10th position 💪.

One of the best things about going to new places is to meet new wicked friends from all over the world. We got an amazing community in this sport, where we all share the same love for our sport. This time we met a really nice guy, Barrak Yaqoub AlJasmi, traveling all the way from Kuwait. He finished in 3rd position in the Novice 25+ after taken the holeshot twice. Well done 👍

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