A day in the dust

25 March, 2018

Is there anything better than a day off when you can do whatever you want? If you are like us, you probably don’t want to sit at home doing nothing, when you can be outside doing what you love :-). This day we brought some bikes out to the countryside to get the feeling of freedom we all long for. Far away from cars, stoplights, rules and other regulations. It turned out to be a wicked cool day full of dusty roads, friends, laughter, wheelies and lots of wind in the hair. When the sunset came along we finished the perfect day of with a cold beer. This was for sure a day to remember :-). And for those of you that wonder…helmets were of course on while driving :-).

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(Some of the garments in this shoot is not yet available, but will be shortly)

Shoot by #nilsodier


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