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Glory Pant is our popular, super comfy MX pant that has been updated several times since start. Please check size guide to get the right size. Pants are normal in size, maybe a bit small compared to some brands. However they are super stretchy, so the waist is the critical part. If you are a woman, please measure your waist 2”/6cm down from the thinnest part of your waist. 

”Glory” Motocross Pants are created to meet the needs of a flexible pant with no extra weight. In these dirt bike pants you will get the feeling of freedom with no distractions. Made out of a durable, but light, 4-way stretch fabric for the main body while a 600D polyester protects the seat area and the area around the knees. In the back of the pants we used mesh panels to create superior breathability. Double layer knee system with full grain cow leather knee panels and kevlar for heat and abrasion protection. Triple needle stitching in seat area. Try it, you won’t regret it!

• Durable, but light, 4-way stretch fabric

• 600D polyester protects the seat area and area around the knees.

• Mesh panels in the back to create superior breathability

• Triple needle stitching in seat area

• Double layer knee system with full grain cow leather knee panels and kevlar for heat and abrasion protection.

• Sublimated graphics for long lasting bright colors

• Matching gear available in many styles, ready to mix and match

Machine wash cold gentle. Do not bleach. Line dry. Do not iron. Do not dry clean. Use gentle detergent. DO NOT USE VANISH.

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72 reviews for Glory pants

  1. Kaylee (verified owner)

    So comfortable and durable, my only complaint is how thick they are in the summer heat does wear me out a lil faster.

  2. Peder H. (verified owner)

    Comfy, priceworthy and endurable, love em

  3. Jeremy (verified owner)

    Love them 💕

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)


  5. Jocelyn (verified owner)

    Great quality at reasonable price

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Everything arrived on time. The quality outstanding and the fit perfect!!!

  7. Robin C. (verified owner)

    Glory pants are the best!

  8. Skylar (verified owner)

    Love the material! One thing that worried me is the stitching after 2 rides was starting to unravel. We ride ALOT so not sure they will last as long as some of our other pants with the seams stitching.

  9. Mike Butironi (verified owner)

    Great product

  10. James (verified owner)


  11. Max (verified owner)

    Mycket bra kvalité o passform!

  12. MICHAEL CAUDILLO (verified owner)

    So comfortable

  13. Benjamin H. (verified owner)

    Omg best I swear

  14. Jay Partridge (verified owner)

    Extremely comfortable

  15. Rashid D. (verified owner)

    Good fit

  16. Noah Garza (verified owner)

    Pants are the best material and best feeling pants i have ever rode with

  17. Petri (verified owner)

    skön byxa, fast den gamla modellen utan hög rygg satt bättre.

  18. Nicole C. (verified owner)

    They fit my son perfect

  19. Natalie Ferrenberg (verified owner)

    The pants fit perfectly. Sizing was accurate.

  20. Henrik B. (verified owner)

    Perfect fit

  21. Heather W. (verified owner)

    Nice pants

  22. Bobby Jo Johnson (verified owner)

    Pants fit to the right size so that’s awesome. Again a little high on price

  23. Robbie (verified owner)

    Exact size fitment!

  24. Antonio (verified owner)

    Quality material

  25. melissa (verified owner)

    good fit

  26. Stefanie H. (verified owner)

    The only gear my son will wear

  27. Anthony (verified owner)


  28. Andreas Eriksson (verified owner)

    Lite stora vid knäna

  29. Klas (verified owner)

    Feels like great quality! Well made and stretchy. My son loves them. Will buy again.

  30. Rachel P. (verified owner)

    Extremely comfortable gear.

  31. Rachel P. (verified owner)

    comfortable, breathable and great quality!

  32. Rachel P. (verified owner)

    Nice fit great quality!

  33. Teodor Hammarbom (verified owner)

    Super comfortable

  34. Tracy (verified owner)

    Perfect fit

  35. Mikaela (verified owner)

    Great fit, great quality.

  36. Jace Contopulos (verified owner)


  37. inga (verified owner)

    Very comfy.

  38. Pernilla (verified owner)


  39. Marko (verified owner)

    Very good, fits well.

  40. Ian Hacker (verified owner)

    Good material feels great

  41. Jhared B. (verified owner)

    Great fit

  42. Emma Nyholm (verified owner)

    Super stretchiga och snygga

  43. Marko P. (verified owner)

    Good fit, good material, awsome

  44. Pål Øen Hansen (verified owner)

    Good fit

  45. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Smaller than expected

  46. Fredrik Kindgren (verified owner)

    Bra höjd i ryggslutet

  47. Crystal Jones (verified owner)

    A little tighter than expected but that’s probably my fault.

  48. Johan (verified owner)

    Bra passform!

  49. Nicklas Andersson (verified owner)

    Good fit

  50. Michael Norén (verified owner)

    högsta kvalité

  51. Hanna (verified owner)

    Härlig stretchig kvalitet

  52. Johan O. (verified owner)

    Perfect fit

  53. John P.

    I’ve been riding for over 10 years now and tried every major brand. The quality of the gloves and pants is way better than anything I’ve had previously. (I like the jersey too, but wow those pants.)

  54. nikolaj N. (verified owner)

    Very nice

  55. Frida Fridlund (verified owner)

    Mycket bra!

  56. Rick Van Rheenen (verified owner)

    The pants are extremely comfortable with 4 way stretch and plenty of room for knee braces which has always been an issue for me because I am tall. Full leather medial knees are very durable. The look is simple and classic. This is literally the MX pant I have been searching forever for. The only thing missing is a couple of zipper pockets for storing small items on trail rides. The sizing runs small; order one size larger than you wear.

  57. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Durable and breathable

  58. Evelyn (verified owner)

    Jättesköna och snygga

  59. Clayton F. (verified owner)

    super comfortable especially on cold days

  60. Harald Stokke (verified owner)

    Nice pants with perfect fit. You should have a dealer in Norway. I think this will be our team gear from now on👍

  61. Peder Harrysson (verified owner)

    Best pants!! Nice, endurable and stays in shape

  62. Hannah Minderhout (verified owner)

    Pants are comfortable.

  63. Garrett Gramps (verified owner)

    Best pants I’ve ever worn. Protective yet stretchy to allow comfort and great mobility!

  64. Elin (verified owner)

    Nice fit

  65. Kaleb R. (verified owner)

    pants fit nice

  66. Maria L. (verified owner)

    Passar sonen (12år) superbra i stl 28.

  67. Michael Norén (verified owner)


  68. Michael Norén (verified owner)


  69. Jessica (verified owner)

    My son loves the pants and the fit was just right!

  70. Nicholas R. (verified owner)

    Awesome light weight pants and great color highly recommend

  71. Michael N. (verified owner)


  72. Aigar Üts (verified owner)


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